Odds to Win the Copa America Centenario

October 25th, 2019 Football Soccer

Fans betting on soccer are going to be so spoiled this summer, as we are not just getting the Euro, we are also getting the Copa America! The prestigious South American tournament is celebrating it’s 100th anniversary and to mark the special occasion they are hosting a big tournament in the US that will include Caribbean, Central and North American National teams, making it the biggest continental tournament the Americas have ever experienced. And with the Euro going on at almost the same time, well it’s kind of like having the next best thing to the World Cup.

For all those planning to place a soccer bet this summer, we present you the odds to win the Copa America this summer:

Argentina      +215

Bolivia            +20000

Brazil              +445

Chile               +805

Colombia       +955

Costa Rica      +6650

Ecuador         +4050

Haiti               +65000

Jamaica          +20000

Mexico           +1225

Panama         +17500

Paraguay       +7050

Peru               +6650

Uruguay        +905

USA                +825

Venezuela      +10000

As you can see the usual suspects are the betting on soccer favorites to win it all.

Argentina +215

The perennial favorites to win the Copa America have failed to so in the past. The last time they won this tournament was in 1993, and despite always being considered favorites, since then they have reached the finals only three times since then and lost all of them (two against Brazil, one against Chile). This tournament is yet another attempt by Superstar Lionel Messi to win something with the albiceleste on a major level, he had done so in Youth levels and in the Olympics previously. This edition the Argentinean squad is stacked with a lot of talent that seems to be head and shoulders above the rest. They are placed in Group D, alongside reigning Champs Chile, Panama and Bolivia.

Brazil +445

When Jogo Bonito was still a thing, the Brazilians played the epitome of beautiful, artful and fun soccer. Fans betting on soccer could bet on Brazil with their eyes closed and regardless of the rivals, they would have a very decent chance of wining. No matter when or where the game was played. Now in 2016, those times seem like a distant memory. Now, after a disappointing World Cup (which they hosted), the verdeamarelha squad is never to be written out, but their real chances of lifting the trophy are not as good as other editions. They are placed in group B with Ecuador, Haiti and Peru.

Chile +825

The current titleholders are not going to be picked in droves by fans betting on soccer, because when they won it, they had home turf advantage and they took advantage of some controversial officiating during the tournament. Despite this, the Chilean team is a very talented and could ring some bells this tournament. Their group stage will have them face Argentina in a rematch of the last tournaments final. They might find their way all to the tournament final stags, but they might not reach the final.

USA +825

The host team has a fair decent chance of making a mark and reaching the late stages of the tournament. The Americans have the fortune of having a group stage that on paper might seem accessible, but it could be troublesome for them. The face Colombia (a pretty good squad), Paraguay (a mystery) and Costa Rica (the surprise of the last World Cup), recent form of Colombia and Costa Rica hints that the USMNT could win their group and reach the next round, there they might be able to make a push on the knockout stage and perhaps squeeze all the way to the semifinals, there is just a matter of luck. The US team will be the dark horse for this Copa America for fans betting on soccer this summer.

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