MLS Betting: MLS expands its international reach at SBG Global

MLS betting will officially get underway on March 29. But if you ask any soccer betting fan, and especially any MLS soccer betting fan, the date can not come soon enough.

And this year, much more so in than any year in the past MLS betting demand will come from a much more international market than ever before. MLS betting has been around for more than a decade but until recently has toiled among the heavyweights of the soccer betting world as a relatively unknown.

But much has changed in the past two years and MLS betting is now making inroads in the international betting world that many MLS betting fans never thought possible. With a rule change that allows teams to bring in marquee international stars and leave their salaries off the books, many MLS franchises have been taking advantage and signing big names from the international world of soccer betting.

No signing has been bigger than that of David Beckham’s and what he has done for MLS betting is almost indescribable. But hasn’t been the only big name signing as the New York Red Bulls also added Juan Pablo Angel a Columbian striker of much renown who was arguably the best player in MLS betting last season. And the Chicago Fire added an aging but still deadly Mexican legend in the form of Cuauhtémoc Blanco who also proved to be an MLS betting standout. Soccer betting fans should expect more of these signings in the future.

Not only do these additions to the MLS betting fold improve the teams’ talent levels and therefore the competitiveness of the league, but they also raise the profile of MLS betting in international circles. There are now more MLS betting fans world wide that at any other point in time in the sports existence. With an every increasing amount of talented players from Latin America joining the MLS betting ranks and more Europeans that ever before on MLS betting rosters the global profile of the league is on the rise.

But the area of greatest expansion for MLS betting has been Asia. With Beckham approaching near God-like status there, there are now millions of new MLS betting fans throughout the continent.

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