Mexican American Alliance Could Trump World Cup Bidders

October 30th, 2019 Football Soccer

Mexican American Alliance Could Trump World Cup Bidders. The soccer betting odds of the United States and Mexico to win the next World Cup may not be great (+5050 and +6650), but their chances to host a joint edition of the 2026 global tournament could improve exponentially if a proposed partnership between the two comes to fruition. Football officials from both nations told ESPN FC that initial talks were held at the FIFA Congress taking place in Mexico City this week, with additional pow wows expected to occur in the following months – with the blessing of FIFA president Gianni Infantino.

Board member of the United States Soccer Federation John Motta said they have talked to their Mexican colleagues and are enthusiastic about the idea of a joint bid. Motta said that it could be a positive move for soccer in both countries as well as a very exciting proposition for FIFA. The next step is going to drawing board in order to formulate a timetable for further discussions. Regardless of what happens, though, the US will bid for the 2026 World Cup, either with Mexico or on its own. Mexican Football Federation presidente Decio de Maria told ESPN FC that he met privately with Infantino last Sunday, upon which occasion he brought up the possibility of a joint bid with the US.

A joint bid has not been a good proposition for people who bet on soccer – if indeed there are people wager on World Cup bids as part of their soccer betting habits. The last and only time such a bid met with success was in 2002 when South Korea and Japan hosted that year’s edition. Conversely, the UEFA European Championship has been hosted but two neighboring countries three times – the most recent being the Poland-Ukraine 2012 edition. The next Euro Cup in 2020 will take the concept even father, as it’s planned to be held in thirteen cities in twelve different European countries.

Since the aforementioned Asian edition, the FIFA has not entertained joint bids. However, the body’s council announced a new bidding process in which the idea of joint bids is once again welcome. Furthermore, Infantino may be on board with this particular bid because of the financial possibilities of a jointed United States-Mexico World Cup – which could improve FIFA’s current fiduciary situation – it lost $122 million last year, and a number of high-profile sponsors have also ended their association with the body. In Mexico soccer is practically a religion – as soccer betting is for some – and the soccer-loving Latino demographic in the US is in constant growth – as is the number of people who bet on soccer. Additionally, both countries are among the most populated in the world, so the potential for TV and advertising deals alone is staggering.

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