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Major soccer league betting is as exciting a form of soccer betting as you’ll find.

With a mountain of talent and plenty of excitement the soccer betting odds for the MLS have been flying off the shelves, so to speak. As the eve of the 2008 major soccer league betting fast approaches, soccer betting odds should be treated to one of the most exciting major soccer betting season yet.

Major soccer league betting has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years. MLS soccer, once a struggling league that found it difficult to find new fans or provoke interest in its soccer betting odds is now booming. So much so that the sport announced that there will be a new major soccer league team in Philadelphia soon and that another new expansion team will in major soccer league betting competitions before 2011 as well. That’s all great news for soccer betting odds fans and bodes very well for the major soccer league betting action to come in 2008.

If 2007 is anything to go on, there should also be plenty of scoring in the major soccer league betting this season. Last season Emelio Luciano became the first Brazilian to win major soccer league betting’s Golden Boot Award. The award is given to major soccer league betting’s top goal scorer. Luciano top the list by netting 20 goals, a very handsome total considering that the season is just 30 games long.

In 2008 Luciano will again be among the favorite to wear the crown as major soccer league betting’s best goal poacher. But he’ll have plenty of competition from al the other top scorer’s. One player in particular that major league betting fans should keep an eye on is New York’s Juan Pablo Angel. He set the major soccer league nets on fire last season, his first in major soccer league betting and narrowly missed out on the award. But his young teammate and fellow forward Jozie Altidore could also challenge for the award and this talented tandem will create fits for its major soccer league betting fans.

And anyone playing with a healthy David Beckham should also see plenty of open shots at goal. All in all the soccer betting odds fans should certainly get their money’s worth in the major soccer league betting action in 2008.

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