La Liga Coming to Heart Stopping End

November 7th, 2019 Football Soccer

With the Spanish league coming down to the final stretch the La Liga title race all of the sudden caught fire, much to the delight of soccer bet fans. Not long ago when we were anticipating El Clásico, we predicted a win from Barcelona and thus cementing the bid for the Spanish League Championship.

However, one must never count out Real Madrid and with a 2-1 win in Camp Nou, the competition looked alive once more. Then, Barcelona lost once again to Real Sociedad, allowing Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid to close the gap. Many thought that would be the end of the culés’ problems, but they were just starting. A heart-breaking elimination of the UEFA Champions League (to the hands of Atletico Madrid) and a completely RKO-out-of nowhere-loss to Valencia at home, left La Liga wide open. The ideal scenario for fans betting on soccer.

At this time the league tables is as follows:

Barcelona 76 pts.
Atletico Madrid 76 pts. (*)
Real Madrid 75 pts. (*)

*Qualified for the UEFA Champions League Semi-finals

Thanks to Barcelona’s formidable attacking front line, they lead the table because of a goal difference of  59, over Atletico’s 41. Leaving them on top in the eventuality of a possible tie. However, their goal difference is dwarfed by comparison with Real’s 68. Leaving Barcelona with the urgency of not losing any game for the rest of the season. There are a total of five games to be played for each team, and despite being under pressure, Barcelona are still the soccer bet front-runner to win La Liga.

It is a matter of perspective; one could debate this at length after the competition is over. But on a bizarre way, being eliminated of the Champions League was a blessing in disguise for Barcelona. Both Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid need to focus their attention and their energy on both fronts. The European competition is of high prestige and could force them to spend a lot of energy and rotate players in the final stretch, while Barcelona will face the League competition far more rested. Besides the Spanish League, Barcelona only has to worry about the Copa Del Rey final but that is schedule to happen after La Liga’s competition is done.

Of course in the wonderful world of futbol, nothing is written in stone. After losing to Real Madrid, Barcelona has been tumbling and found them selves only winning one of their last 4 games. While Atletico and Real have been on an upward path, Barcelona is now forced to not let any point escape them from now on.

Currently the soccer bet odds to win La Liga, still has Barcelona as favorites, but not as close as they were before.

Barcelona -190
Atletico Madrid +355
Real Madrid +515

There are still a lot of soccer to be played and the number one spot at the top of the table could trade hands a couple of times over the course of the next five weeks. Soccer bet fans, who probably tuned out of Spanish football a while back, can now jump back in the action and get excited to place a bet on soccer. The action is just going to get more and more exciting with the coming weeks.

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