Italy looks to dominate the Euro Cup Betting

Euro Cup betting odds have when working like mad men trying to line up the numbers in the run up to start of the Euro Cup soccer tournament.

With just two weeks left until the second biggest soccer event in the world kicks off, there seems to be an undisputed favorite in the Euro Cup betting odds. Italy, as the defending World Cup champ seems to be the favorite to win the Euro Cup soccer competition, although with any Euro Cup betting competition, that result is far from guaranteed.

Euro Cup betting history can used as a guide to try and predict this years Euro Cup soccer winner. The last European team that won the World Cup and entered the Euro Cup betting competition came out victorious. In 2000, the French pulled off the impressive double victory of the World Cup and the Euro Cup betting title. And that is exactly what the Italians would love to do. So far, that seems to be the outcome that most Euro Cup betting experts expect as well.

By winning the World Cup the Italians certainly proved that they can beat any team at any given time, although to win the Euro betting as well, will not be quite as easy as the pressure will be considerable. In the past the one thing that has derailed more Euro Cup betting hopes than almost anything else, is the succumbing to the pressure. In 2004, Portugal seemed as though they would dominate in the Euro Cup betting finals against lowly Greece. It was the perfect storybook ending for the host Portuguese and all they needed to do was outlast the pesky minnows in the Euro Cup betting finals. We all know what happened and Euro Cup soccer is full of similar events of the favored team choking.

Italy has a supremely talented roster, likely the most talented lot in all the Euro Cup betting. It is also highly seasoned and after winning on the soccer world’s biggest stage is well poised to win the Euro Cup betting. On paper this is no doubt the team to beat, but as all Euro Cup betting fans know, ‘paper’ and the pitch are two very different things indeed!