Injured Ribery Included in French Soccer Betting Roster

Soccer betting fans woke up to some bittersweet news today as Raymond Domenech, coach of France’s team, has called upon Franck Ribery to play.

France will be facing the Faroe Islands team in a soccer betting qualifying match on August 12th and Domenech has asked the midfielder from Bayern Munich to participate despite his history with injuries. Having undergone surgery for a torn ligament above his ankle, and numerous foot sores and knee pains, it’s questionable whether or not Ribery should have accepted the soccer betting proposition placed before him.

Soccer betting has no doubt been affected to some degree because of Ribery’s injuries and the fact that he will not play more than 20 minutes in the Bundesliga’s opening game of Bayern Munich vs. Hoffenheim. But is Domenech’s decision a wise one? Sure Ribery is an essential part of soccer betting on the French squad, but is his presence really that essential for this match? Keep in mind the Faroe Islands team is winless in the group and in online soccer betting, and France is already the runner up. A win should be easy to clinch without Ribery, and France will advance to the second soccer betting round.

The team to beat here is Serbia. Not usually a top contender in the world of soccer betting, Serbia has climbed to the top of their group with 6 wins of their 7 matches played. Another team France should worry about is Lithuania. Only one point behind, if Lithuania should advance past the French squad and take the 2nd place in their soccer betting group, France would not qualify for the 2010 World Cup, which would frankly be quite disgraceful.

But Domenech insists it’s a safe decision, and online soccer betting aficionados can only hope now. "He is back training with Bayern, and he could play against Hoffenheim and so he could be useful for us even if it’s just for a brief spell. I wouldn’t have called him up if he was in pain. That’s not the way I operate," he says. It seems to be the only soccer betting move they can make, seeing as how Pat Vieira is not quite playing up to par. Hopefully for le fans of online soccer betting planning to see France go to the World Cup, Ribery is fit to return. Pay close attention to the match between Bayern Munich and Hoffenheim. His performance there could give soccer betting followers a preview of how well he might fare against the Faroe Islands.

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