Group Favorites in World Cup Odds

World Cup odds are on the board for the 2010 World Cup. There are odds on the individual matchups plus there are futures.

You can make wagers in World Cup betting on which team you think will win the cup and you can make wagers on which teams will win the individual groups.

World Cup odds are available on each of the eight groups.  Each of these groups has a team that is a pretty solid favorite.  Group A favors France as they are a -135 favorite to win that group.  Mexico, Uruguay and South Africa are considered longshots in that group. Many of the other groups have a similar situation with one big favorite and then three longshots. Keep in mind that the winner of each group advances to the knockout round along with the second-place team from each group.

World Cup odds for Group B heavily favor Argentina. They are -230 to win Group B.  Nigeria, Greece and South Korea are considered longshots to win the group. Group C has another big favorite as England is -325 to win that group. The United States, Slovenia and Algeria are longshots in Group C.

Group D has a solid favorite in World Cup betting as Germany is -155 to win that group. The Germans are dealing with injuries and their odds have changed a bit.  Serbia is the team in this group getting some action but they are still almost 4-1 to win the group along with Ghana.  Australia is the longshot in this group.

Group E has almost identical odds to Group D.  The Netherlands are the -160 favorite with Cameroon and Denmark the second choices at about 4-1. Japan is the longshot in that group.

The defending World Cup champs are Italy and they are a -310 favorite in World Cup odds to win Group F.  Paraguay and Slovakia are darkhorses in that group while New Zealand is a huge longshot.  Group G favors Brazil at -180. They are a solid favorite but not an overwhelming favorite because Portugal and Ivory Coast are in this group. North Korea is the huge longshot.  Group H heavily favors Spain as they are -400 to win the group.  Chile and Switzerland are small longshots while Honduras is a big longshot.

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