Group C up for Grabs in World Cup Odds after England Draw

Group C was supposed to be dominated by England in World Cup odds but after an opening draw against the United States it is Slovenia who has the early lead.

None of the four teams in Group C really played that well in their opening matches so a lot has yet to be determined in World Cup betting for this group.

World Cup odds favor England in their next match against Algeria while the United States is favored against Slovenia.  The pressure is squarely on England in their match against Algeria while the United States may start to feel the heat if they don’t win against Slovenia.  The draw keeps both England and the United States alive in World Cup betting but it also puts the pressure squarely on both teams for their Friday matches.

England should have beaten the United States but goalkeeper Robert Green gave up a weak goal that allowed the United States to get a draw.  Algeria has a similar problem as goalkeeper Faouzi Chaouchi made a bad error that cost his team the match against Slovenia.  The match between Algeria and Slovenia should have been a draw but Algeria lost a player in the last 15 minutes to two yellow cards. Abdelkader Ghezzal played reckless and got two yellow cards which put Algeria down to ten men.  Late in the match, goaltender Chaouchi badly misread a shot by Robert Koren and let it get by him for the only goal of the match.  The win by Slovenia was their first-ever World Cup victory.  They will now head into the match against the United States knowing that a draw might be good enough to get them through.

Algeria is in desperate shape against England in World Cup odds.  They have as much of a question in goal as England does and they don’t have nearly the talent that the English possess. England should be able to handle Algeria and it is possible they could still control Group C when all is said and done.  Both of the Group C matches will be played on Friday with England heavily favored against Algeria and the United States favored in World Cup odds against Slovenia.   The U.S. match can be seen on ESPN while the England match will be televised on ESPN 2.

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