Exciting Soccer Betting as Chile Wins Copa America

October 21st, 2019 Football Soccer

With yesterday’s victory, Chile proved to soccer betting fans why they hold the fifth position in the Fifa ranking.  For the second time in two consecutive Copa America Tournaments, Chile has won the highest honor.  In week 1, Argentina won against Chile 2-1, however they never expected the fierce team they had to play against yesterday.

For Argentina the loss meant frustration, anger, sadness, and cruelty.  For the 3rd consecutive time the Albiceleste has lost the final game of the Copa America. This loss truly weighs heavy on players and coaching staff. But the cry that has been heard around the world (even in funny memes) was Lionel Messi’s  claiming that he’s had enough and that it’s likely that he’s done with Argentina.

The first half of the game was dominated by Messi and his teammates. However motivation kicked in during halftime in the Chilean locker-room because they not only dominated but excelled in the second half.  Between fouls and kicks and red cards, the game had to go into overtime, and despite the obvious physical exhaustion the teams fought their way into the penalty shoot out.

Argentina had the chance to win. The clearest opportunity they threw away was a mistake by Gary Medel, allowing Higuain to aim for Bravo to score against Chile, but unfortunately the striker missed the shot even with the goal wide open and undefended.  They also had the advantage of one more player during the first half for approximately 15 minutes but they were not able step ahead in the game score then. I’m sure soccer betting fans were biting their nails by this time.

Chile began the penalty shots starting with Arturo Vidal but Romero was able to stop it. Messi was the first player to kick for Argentina, and the first one to miss as well.  Then came Castillos and Mascherano to match the score. Aranguiz and Aguero did the same. Beausejour was able to scrore, putting Chile ahead in the score and then Bravo was able to stop Biglia from scoring. In the final shot, Silva was able to score and finish off the Albicelestes. Those who bet on soccer and had Chile as their pick, were ready to collect their profit.

This way Chile was able to take the trophy home as champions of America for the second consecutive year, once again playing against Argentina and in the same way: penalty shootout. Argentina lost for the third year in a row playing with practically the same players as past years. Time for change? I believe so…

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