Which team to pick in the Euro Cup soccer odds

Soccer odds are meant to help to soccer betting fans pick and choose which teams to place a wager on.

Many times the soccer betting odds are awfully helpful, but when the teams are quite evenly matched, there isn’t a lot that the soccer odds makers can do to help. The upcoming Euro Cup 2008 will be a very tight competition and with a quick perusal through the early soccer odds, it’s tough find a sure fire favorite in the soccer betting odds.

Soccer odds makers often look to the home team’s to excel in this type of international tournaments, and often they do, but it’s not likely in this year’s Euro Cup soccer odds. Switzerland could be a surprise team and make it deep into the competition, but they simply aren’t a talented enough squad on paper to compete in the soccer odds with the likes of Italy, Spain, France or Germany -traditional European heavy weights in the soccer odds. But none the less it would make for some very exciting soccer odds storylines if the Swiss were to get some momentum in the soccer betting odds.

Obviously if someone’s looking to pick a favorite in the soccer odds you have to go with the old traditional continental powerhouses. Italy is the defending World Cup champ and the last time a European team entered the soccer odds for the Euro as the reigning World Cup champ, it also came out on top in the Euro Cup soccer odds as well (France 2000). Many odds makers expect a similar fate in the soccer odds this year with the Azzurri having a very good chance to dominate the soccer betting odds.

But this could finally be Spain’s year even though this side is highly unlikely to be favored in the soccer odds. This team also enters the tournament highly regarded and fails spectacularly in the soccer odds. But this year with no real expectations, plenty of talent a lack of clear leader in the soccer odds, it could finally bet the Spaniards turn. This is a very forward thinking team which is a bit of an oddity in this soccer odds competition if recent history is to be referenced and that could be enough to get them to the finals.

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