Estonia Soccer Betting is getting on spectators nerves

Estonia earned the public’s rebuke after their 1-0 friendly defeat against Montenegro left the national team in quite a predicament. EURO Cup betting for this team can look ugly.

Dejected form last Wednesday game completed a run of 20 matches in which Estonia has only won 2 times in 2 years, so not very promising soccer betting odds. The team has lost nine of eleven games in 2007 and went from 60th place in the FIFA ranking, attained in 2002, to a low 127th. This won’t improve soccer betting for Estonia. The replacement of coach Jelle Goes for Viggo Jensen has still to reach the excepted effect.

Modified side
Dane Jensen, who turned 60 last September 15, such an experienced fellow as he is, has endeavored to remodel the team’s tactics, so soccer betting odds may look favorable for the team in thefuture. Keep that soccer betting up then, fans! However, his latest diamond-shaped, four-man midfield and promise to set-pieces have yet to pay off.  “Results are not good and we have not been able to play as a unit in recent games,” FK Khimki centre-back Andrei Stepanov commented. “I don’t know why, but yes, there is a crisis.” Better keep an eye on that soccer betting for Estonia…

Exhausting patience
Since the 15 years of independence, viewers have grouped up behind the national team, so one can expect to have had quite a bit of soccer betting. Nonetheless, their patience was tested far off the limits with the friendly defeat against Montenegro, with fans booing Estonia players off the court. Furthermore, one can foresee some shabby soccer betting odds for Estonia. “People have paid to watch their team doing well so I have to understand their reaction,” said Jensen. Left-back Rooba also said: “They have the right to do it. We played badly and deserved it.” Unless they start picking up their game, soccer betting will go down for them.

Frail recovery
In search to improve on their 17-point haul from the 2006 FIFA World Cup, Estonia started UEFA EURO Cup Betting 2008 qualifying. Get on the soccer betting for them and cheer for their dream of recovery! However, this hope for improvement was shattered harshly after seven straight defeats without scoring at the beginning of the campaign. This event sped Goes’s departure in June. Soccer betting odds don’t look good for Estonia in this case. When Jensen took over, he led the team to victory on his first game, 2-1 at home against Andorra, and there was also a 1-1 draw in F.Y.R. Macedonia. Nevertheless, the defeats against England and Montenegro put an end to the recovery. Yet, you never know what’s coming, so let the soccer betting roll!

Reim forthright
There are only three games more this year for Estonia to prove themselves; this a good chance for the soccer betting odds to pick up. These are friendly matches against Saudi Arabia, on 9 November, Uzbekistan, on 21 November, whatever side of their ultimate qualifier in Andorra, on 17 November. “We have struggled with the new system, but no system can win games,” said captain Martin Reim whose European record upgraded to 154 caps recently. “It is still the players who have to do the job on the pitch and recently we have not been up to the task.” As you can see, there’s still some soccer betting to do!