England absent from the Euro Cup Betting

Euro Cup betting is full of the finest teams from the continent and by extension the greatest teams in the worlds.

But there is one team that is conspicuously absent from the betting Euro odds competition this year and that’s England. Considered one of the best teams in the world England performed unbelievably awful in the Euro Cup betting qualifiers and now finds itself absent from the 2008 betting Euro odds competition.

Euro Cup betting is always at its best when all the best teams on the continent are featured in the betting Euro odds. That will not be the case this year as England will be absent. And as dreadful as the team played in qualifying, there is no one in Euro Cup betting circles that does not believe that this team belongs there. But that’s the way it goes, and there are no free passes in Euro Cup betting. You do not automatically qualify based on past laurels or reputation and England’s absence is a good reminder of just demanding the Euro Cup betting competition can be. No teams can afford to have an off night in the Euro Cup betting or they’ll risk a knockout.

With a roster full of some of Europe’s biggest stars like Wayne Rooney, John Terry, Frank Lampard and others it’s almost inconceivable that England isn’t in the Euro Cup betting finals, but it’s true. The sad thing is that the tournament will likely be much the worse for the glaring absence. Not that the teams that qualified for the Euro Cup betting finals over England don’t deserve to be there, but they simply wont’ be able to create the same kind of buzz in the Euro cup betting as England can.

Also England’s wide open attacking long ball style is a bit of fresh in the Euro Cup betting which has of late been characterized by very defensive minded and technical soccer that can be quite frankly very boring. England’s style of play is the antidote for teams like Italy and Greece, but since they won’t be in the Euro Cup betting finals it could be long and boring torment in some ways.

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