Champions League Odds for Point Spread

November 30, 2010 Football Soccer

Champions League odds can be wagered on in various ways, but betting on a point spread is one of the most popular methods of gambling on Champions League betting odds.

Depending on the talent levels of two opposing teams, the Champions League odds may range from a pick ‘em up to a point spread of several goals. The key to analyzing such Champions League betting odds successfully is determining how each team’s likely game strategies will influence the eventual goal differential.

Champions League odds involving point spreads are quite simple to handicap, despite being slightly more complex than other Champions League betting odds. A point spread in Champions League odds is just a like a point spread in other sports, in that the favored team must win by the number of points established in the Champions League odds. For example, the Champions League odds may have Barcelona favored by 1½ points over Porto. With such Champions League betting odds, Barcelona would have to win by two or more goals in order for a wager on Barcelona to win. On the other hand, a wager on Porto would win if the team wins, draws, or loses by one goal. Consequently, these Champions League odds help make wagering on the underdog more appealing.

Depending on how the Champions League betting odds are set, there will be times when the Champions League odds offer more value to the favorite and times when the Champions League odds offer more value to the underdog. To decide which team presents the most value you will have to determine the probability that the favorite will win by a large enough margin to cover the spread established in the Champions League odds. Furthermore, the Champions League odds may involve prices besides -110, so these prices must be factored into your analysis of the Champions League odds as well. In your analysis of the Champions League odds you obviously will want to focus on the different talent levels of the two opposing teams. Additionally, you will want to consider the probable game plans of each team. If a favored team is going to play very defensively, for example, then there may be a good chance that the favorite will only win by a single goal. As you attempt to predict each team’s game plan, keep in mind that a team’s strategy may change to accommodate a player’s injury, a probable tiebreaker scenario, or any other possible factor that can uniquely influence a game.

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