Champions League Betting Odds: When to Wager

November 30, 2010 Football Soccer

Champions League betting odds are generally released numerous days before the games actually occur, thereby giving gamblers lots of time to handicap the Champions League odds and place their wagers.

Nevertheless, many gamblers end up waiting until game day to finally analyze the Champions League betting odds, even though this approach is unwise. Gamblers can benefit in several ways from handicapping games as soon as the Champions League betting odds are released or even before they are released.

Champions League betting odds do not change nearly as much as betting odds for other sports, like football and basketball. In those sports the point spreads can change considerably between the time when the lines are first released and the time when the games finally take place. However, with Champions League odds any changes will mostly revolve around the pricing. For instance, if the Champions League betting odds have Liverpool favored by 1½ points then it is doubtful that the line will either move up to two points or down to one point. Nevertheless, the price associated with these Champions League betting odds may shift, for example, from -150 up to -170 or down to -130. Even though the point spread established in the Champions League betting odds has not changed, the change in price is very significant. Bettors who wait until the last moment to wager on the Champions League betting odds will simply have to wager on the odds as they are. However, bettors who handicap the Champions League betting odds as soon as they are released may be able to anticipate changes and wager when the Champions League betting odds reflect an optimal price.

Bettors can also benefit from handicapping a game before the Champions League odds are even released. With this strategy, a bettor should analyze a game and simply determine how the Champions League betting odds should be set. Then, once the official Champions League betting odds are established the bettor can compare his odds with the official odds to determine where the best value lies. For instance, if the bettor decides a team should be a -300 favorite but the Champions League odds only list the team as a -200 favorite then that wager presents very good value. This approach has the benefit of eliminating any possible bias that is caused by seeing the official Champions League betting odds. For example, sometimes bettors see that a team is heavily favored in the Champions League betting odds and then begin believing the team is better than it actually is.

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