Champions League Quarter Finals Second Leg Picks

November 8th, 2019 Football Soccer

We are halfway from knowing which will be the top 4 clubs in the Champions League and if you bet on soccer, we have your picks on the second leg of the quarterfinals. At this point, no one could safely say that one team might have a complete edge against their opponents; there is still room for some surprises to come in next week’s games. We have our perspective on our picks for betting on football soccer and the UEFA Champions League.

Benfica vs. Bayern Munich (aggregate 0-1)

Although a Bayern Munich win isn’t much of a surprise here, it is the fact that it was only for one goal at home, with a rather short lead for the second leg. Bayern, who had to take the penalty kick route against Juventus to make it to the quarterfinals, were considered heavy favorites to take a commanding lead at home against the Portuguese side. Benfica, the overwhelming underdogs in the average online sportsbook line, manage to keep the mighty Munich team at bay for the majority of the game and neutralize Lewandowski.

Arturo Vidal’s header got Bayern the win, but the Germans didn’t cover the spread as expected by most fans that bet on soccer. The next game will be played at Lisbon and Benfica will have a decent chance to move on, their defense is strong, but their offense is obligated to produce at least one goal. We see this game ending up in a 1-1 draw, Bayern moving on, but will a lot of questions for the next round.

Atlético Madrid vs. Barcelona (aggregate 1-2)

This game presents a very exciting scenario as the colchoneros managed to get one away goal out of Nou Camp, and given their recent history of rivalry, Barcelona (the overall favorites to win the Champions League by many fans betting on football soccer) are looking shaky with a possibility of being knocked out, despite their lead. Barcelona is the strongest soccer team in the world right now, and if anybody could scape El Calderón with a victory is Atletico Madrid. The odds will probably tip on Barca’s favor since, Atletico will not have Fernando Torres on their attack, and the blaugranas will likely have their full squad. Barcelona will edge out a tough 1-0 game.

Real Madrid vs. Wolfsburg (aggregate 0-2)

Perhaps the only team that took a commanding lead in the first leg of the quarterfinals was the underdogs of Wolfsburg against the Spanish powerhouse Real Madrid. In every single online sportsbook the German team was the favorites… to get an exit on this stage of the tournament. Madrid, as it seemed then, had been saving their best football for the Champions League. This past game, Madrid’s back line played an poor first half and their attacking line was not at all efficient. Wolfsburg had a complete night by winning by more than one goal and not allowing any away goals. This result will put the merengues’ back against the wall when they face the Germans next week at Santiago Bernabeu, there with the support of a likely sold out stadium, Real Madrid will get a 3-0 result.

Manchester City vs. Paris St. Germaine (aggregate 2-2)

This is the series that is the hardest to predict after such a crazy game in the first leg. Experts and fans who bet on soccer can appreciate the fact that Manchester was the away team this leg of the quarterfinals to truly get some form of advantage thanks to those two away goals. Now, mind you that PSG has a very tough attacking game, this could be a thrilling match at Etihad Stadium in Manchester. City’s defensive line can be shaky at times and if pressured they can get sloppy. But, City can duke it out and coming in the second leg, a very exciting match will see City move on to the Semis after a 2-1 score.

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