Champions League Betting Odds for Superstar Players

Champions League betting odds attract the most attention when the Champions League odds involve superstar players and the elite teams they play for.

For example, players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Robinho, Wayne Rooney, and Thierry Henry, or clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea, Barcelona, and Real Madrid, generate lots of interest in the Champions League betting odds. Not surprisingly, these players and teams are typically featured as favorites in the Champions League betting odds, but, despite their fame and abilities, these players and teams do not always offer the best value in the Champions League odds.

Champions League betting odds that involve top players and teams are especially exciting to wager on. It is only natural that soccer betting fans will want to wager on a game involving international superstars instead of unknown players. Unless these elite teams are playing one another, they are almost always favored in the Champions League betting odds. This trend is logical because the teams are so consistently successful.

When someone watches highlight reels of players like Cristiano Ronaldo or Robinho scoring magical goals it is hard to perceive value in wagering against them in the Champions League betting odds. Similarly, teams like Real Madrid, which have recognizable stars playing at every position, seem to almost always present value in the Champions League odds because it is difficult to imagine such star-studded teams losing.

Nevertheless, the elite teams certainly do not win all of their matches. Furthermore, elite teams will often draw, meaning that wagers on the money line Champions League betting odds will not payoff. Also, soccer is a team sport and even the most talented players cannot win games on their own. Therefore, as you handicap the Champions League betting odds you must remember that even the game’s top stars will not score multiple goals and make the highlight reels in every game. Nowadays, most of the superstar players are surrounded by other superstars, but even these groups of stars are not invincible. It takes chemistry for a team to really succeed, and sometimes star-studded teams offer surprisingly poor value in the Champions League betting odds simply because the different stars cannot play well together. Furthermore, even the best teams will lose occasionally, and the Champions League betting odds may be set so high that any losses are costly enough to cancel out prior winnings. In other words, if the Champions League odds are set at -500 or so for each match then even one occasional loss can eliminate the value from such Champions League betting odds. Consequently, as you handicap the Champions League betting odds for superstar players and their elite teams you must focus on making sure the Champions League betting odds provide genuine value and you are not just wagering on a team because all of its players are famous.

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