Beckham proves his Soccer Betting Odds worth in L.A.

When David Beckham arrived in LA to take the Galaxy to the top of the soccer betting odds, he was greeted like a savior.

And indeed he was expected to be the clubs online soccer betting odds messiah. Yet after a injuries kept him out of most of last years soccer betting odds, fans were less than enthralled with his performance, until the 2008 soccer betting odds season began and fans got a taste of what Beckham can do.

His performance in the 2007 online soccer betting odds season and this year’s soccer betting odds have been night and day. When Beckham arrived part way through last season’s soccer betting odds action he had the weight of the world on his shoulders, in terms of online soccer betting odds expectations, something that would have prevented all but the best of world’s soccer players to come up short. But even more than that was the fact that Beckham wasn’t fit when he arrived for soccer betting odds action and when he forced his play early on in the online soccer betting odds, he only aggravated the situation and ended up missing the rest of the soccer betting odds competition.

But in 2008 the British super star was 100% and anyone that has seen him in the soccer betting odds competition this year has seen a completely different player. While no longer as quick or as skillful as he was eagerly on in his online soccer betting odds career, Beckham still has plenty left in the tank. Through 11 games of soccer betting odds action the midfielder has four goals and five assists, averaging nearly a point a game in the online soccer betting odds.

However, those stats only tell part of the story of Beckham’s impact on the Galaxy this soccer betting odds season. The team has gone form the bottom of the pack last season to first in the soccer betting odds competition with the best goal differential MLS online soccer betting odds this year. Also, ask his teammates what he’s meant to the soccer betting odds competition, especially Landon Donovan who is having a career year, with nine goals in 11 games thanks to Beckham’s play. Beckham’s presence has turned this team from soccer betting odds doormat into a championship front runner.

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