David Beckham has taken MLS to next level

MLS betting has always been a thoroughly enjoyable form of soccer betting.

Be that as it may MLS betting has not always had a large enough profile to draw large numbers of soccer betting fans. But last year that all changed with the signing of superstar David Beckham to MLS betting club the L.A. Galaxy.

MLS betting circles were abuzz with excitement when rumors first began circulating about Beckham’s possible arrival to the U.S. There had been speculation for years that Becks would like to end his career in the U.S., signing a big contract and being closer to Hollywood were seen as key motivators in bringing him to MLS betting. And in the end the stars aligned and those factors plus Real Madrid’s shabby treatment of the former England captain made it easy for Beckham to make the move to MLS betting.

Soccer betting fans no doubt all have seen the highlight reels full of Beckham’s unbelievable plays and hope to see more of them in the MLS betting season this year. Last year MLS betting fans got only a taste of what he can do as he was hampered by injuries most of the season and made only a few appearances. Soccer betting experts expect much more from the talented mid-fielder this year as he should be in top form and will no doubt be among the best players in MLS betting.

However, if Beckham never plays another minute in an MLS betting competition he has already done more for MLS betting than any other single player in the soccer betting league’s history. Simply by singing his name to the club, he instantly created hundreds of millions of Galaxy fans world wide, especially in Asia. And that is no small feat considering the dearth of MLS fans that has existed for so many years. Thanks to Beckham the Galaxy is now invited to international tournaments that no MLS betting team would ever have been considered for.

In addition the MLS betting team has scheduled international friendly tours in Asia, all thanks to Beckham. Merchandise sales for all MLS betting franchises have risen as a result and Beckham, so far, has earned every penny of his enormous contract.