Beckham expected to play next Soccer Betting Game on Wednesday

David Beckham has said that he expects to play for the L.A. Galaxy in their soccer betting game Wednesday night. The Galaxy host D.C. United in the SuperLiga tournament soccer betting semifinals.

The teams played last week in an MLS soccer betting game that the Galaxy lost 1-0, according to the soccer bet online news.  Beckham came into the soccer betting game as a sub and played the final 21 minutes.

Beckham practiced on Tuesday and soccer bet online experts said that he is “about 78 percent” healthy for Wednesday’s soccer betting game.  “Good to at least get out on the field and have a bit of practice”, Beckham said.  “It’s not perfect yet, but I think I can at least play half a game tomorrow.  It still feels unstable to a certain extent, but it feels stable enough to actually play in a game and see how far I can take it”.

Beckham said that he expects to play about 45 minutes on Wednesday’s soccer betting game.  “I can at least play half a game tomorrow, which is important for me and it’s important for the team that I at least get on the pitch because it’s been quite a while since I arrived," he said.

“It’s still a case of seeing how it reacts and seeing that it doesn’t flare up on the day off, which it did the other night when I played,” he said.

As soccer bet online fans remember, Beckham has not yet been in the starting lineup for the Galaxy since signing his five-year, $32.5 million dollar deal.  He made his Major League Soccer debut last Thursday during the team’s four-game road trip, but was back on the bench for Sunday’s soccer betting game at New England.

“He’s not going to last the game out because of his fitness level”, coach Frank Yallop said. “Do you want to start the soccer betting game with him or do you want to end the soccer betting game with him?  We ended the game with him in D.C. and we started to actually put them under quite a bit of pressure.  Maybe we can think about that.  I’d rather maybe have him at the end of the game”.

The question for soccer bet online followers still remains whether or not Beckham will play for England in the August 22nd exhibition soccer betting game against Germany.  After playing in Wednesday’s game, Beckham is hoping to play in Saturday’s MLS game at New York and then head to England.  “I don’t want to be meeting up and not being able to take part in the game”, Beckham said.

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