Soccer Star gets seriously injured

Soccer betting fans saw how Arsenal striker Eduardo da Silva was injured in Saturday’s 2-2 draw with Birmingham and will miss the rest of the soccer betting season and the European Championship.

Soccer betting fans are worried as Eduardo had surgery to repair the fractures to his left leg and ankle. "I don’t remember the incident very well and it is not something that I want to see again on television or in the newspapers," Eduardo said, "All I remember is that when I fell, I looked down at my foot and it had turned the other way. The rest is just a blank.

It was an unfortunate situation but these things can happen in football." The injury is a huge blow to Arsenal and many soccer betting fans were not happy. Eduardo though believes he will come back from the injury. "I am unsure at the moment of the extent of the injury and how long I will be out of action for," Eduardo said. But he knows that he won’t be able to play for Arsenal for the rest of the soccer betting season or be ready in time for the Euros this summer. “But I’m not worried about that. My concentration and determination is on making as quick a recovery as possible. I am determined to overcome this injury."

Arsenal has now said they want to win the Premier League betting title and dedicate it to Eduardo and they know soccer betting fans will approve of this. Mathieu Flamini said, "We have lost Eduardo. It is a terrible injury because he has a broken leg. It was difficult. I have no words to describe what I saw. It was maybe the worst injury I have seen. We will have to stay very close to him because it’s going to be difficult. It will be difficult to get over. He is a friend and a team-mate. It upsets you. Would I like to win the title for Eduardo? Yes, of course. We wanted to win it before, but now we want to win it also for him. Eduardo is not going to be with us for a long time so, of course, we want to win it for him."

Unfortunately, Birmingham defender Martin Taylor who caused the injury has been the subject of death threats. Blues manager Alex McLeish is trying to put the soccer betting incident in the past. "There has been a furor over the incident which has probably gone too far and we would like to draw a line under it now and let Martin get on with his career and hope Eduardo gets back as soon as possible," McLeish said, "I’ve heard about the death threats and you are going to ridiculous proportions if that is the case. You’ve just got to get on with it and dismiss those things. There are some crazy people in the world.”

Birmingham striker James McFadden said that Taylor is not a dirty player "Martin is not the type of player to go and deliberately injure someone. He doesn’t have a football betting history of being malicious. Martin is a gentle giant and to suggest otherwise is ridiculous. Martin has to live with the fact he has broken someone’s leg unintentionally. Martin is cut up but he is a professional and he will bounce back."

Taylor will be out of football betting action for at least a month as he will have to serve an automatic three match suspension.

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