Know who is Absent from a Soccer Betting Match

Soccer betting involves relatively frequent opportunities to wager on international matchups, and many gamblers feel as though international soccer betting is the most exciting way to place a soccer bet.

All enthusiasts know that certain international teams, such as Brazil, Argentina, and Germany, are consistently strong and able to win year after year. Nevertheless, sometimes international teams must play without some of their top stars, and this factor must be recognized as you handicap the soccer betting odds.

Soccer betting fans do not need to be very knowledgeable about the international landscape to know that a country like Brazil will field an extremely strong squad. Consequently, soccer betting fans will sometimes place a soccer bet on teams like Brazil without analyzing a matchup very carefully. If one is considering important international soccer betting matchups, such as World Cup games, then one can simply assume that a team will be playing its strongest roster possible. However, the international soccer schedule is quite extensive, and players also must manage long schedules with their club teams. As a result, it is not uncommon for players to miss some of the less important international soccer betting matchups, such as friendlies or small tournaments.

If a soccer betting matchup involves a team that is missing some of its star players, then a soccer bet should only be placed after the missing players have been accounted for. If Brazil, for instance, is playing without Ronaldinho, Robinho, and Kaka, then the team may fail to live up to expectations.

The soccer betting odds will certainly be adjusted to accommodate the absence of these superstar players, but the soccer lines may not be changed enough. In other words, placing a soccer bet on Brazil in this situation may offer especially poor soccer betting value, even if a wager would have offered great value if the team’s star players were participating. However, this factor does not only apply to top teams like Brazil, it applies to lesser teams as well. In fact, some soccer betting veterans would argue that when mediocre teams are missing star players they suffer even more than top teams. Such is the case because teams like Brazil have extremely deep rosters, so even superstars can be replaced by very talented players. Mediocre teams, on the other hand, do not have skilled replacements, so missing one or two top players can be devastating. For instance, if Cameroon is forced to play without its star, Samuel Eto’o, then the team is likely to struggle considerably.

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