A Soccer Bet Can Be Placed in Several Different Ways

A soccer bet can involve a variety of different online soccer betting odds. For each online soccer betting matchup, one can place a bet on the point spread, the money line, or the total.

Determining which odds to use for your soccer bet will involve an assessment of a particular game and its different lines. A soccer bet on the point spread normally involves a handicap that is applied to one of the teams in an online soccer betting matchup. However, because soccer games typically involve very few goals, it is common to place a soccer bet on a pick ‘em line. In other words, this type of bet simply involves predicting which team will win the online soccer betting matchup.

Nevertheless, before placing a bet you will want to ensure that a team offers value in combination with the soccer odds. It is quite common, in fact, that you will want to place your soccer bet on the underdog even though they may not win the matchup, simply because the payoff odds are so high.

Placing a soccer bet on the money line differs even from placing a bet on the point spread when there is a pick ‘em line because the money line also includes odds for a draw. In other words, one has three options for placing a bet on the money line: the favorite, the underdog, and a draw. Frequently, the draw option is the soccer bet that will pay out with the highest odds, so it can be a great wager if you think a game has a high chance of resulting in a draw. Also, because there are three money line options, it is common that each one pays off at over +100. As a result, sometimes bettors will place a soccer bet on one of the sides and another on a draw. By wagering in this way one will generally enjoy a net gain if either one of the two bets wins.

Placing a soccer bet on the totals lines is somewhat different than placing a soccer bet on the point spread or money line. As in online soccer betting on totals in other sports, one is only interested in the total number of points scored in a matchup, and it is irrelevant which team scores the points. With so few points generally scored in soccer, a total line of 2½ is quite common. Therefore, placing a soccer bet on such a line simply involves wagering on whether three or more goals will be scored in a given matchup.

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