Slovenia vs. United States 2010 World Cup Bet

August 24th, 2017 Football Soccer

The match between Slovenia and the United States should attract some attention from those making a 2010 World Cup bet.

The United States is favored in World Cup betting to defeat Slovenia even though Slovenia is the only team in Group C that has a win.

The United States is a -230 favorite on the money line with a total of 2.5 under.  On the three-way soccer line the United States is Even, Slovenia is +270 and the Draw is +225.  There may not be much scoring in this match as Slovenia only scored one goal against Algeria and it came when Algeria was down to 10 men while the U.S. could only manage one against England and it was a fortunate goal as the England goalkeeper badly misplayed an easy shot.

The United States feels good about their draw against England but in reality the match didn’t mean a whole lot in terms of advancing from Group C. This match on Friday is far more important.  It is simply critical, especially with Slovenia having gotten a win against Algeria. If the U.S. loses this match they are not going to make the knockout round.  England is not going to lose to Algeria so the U.S. has to at least get a draw on Friday.

The United States enters this match on Friday as a favorite and that is not a role that the U.S. is accustomed to. It could also be a problem.  Landon Donovan has already said that Slovenia has very good team chemistry and that the U.S. team needs to play very well or they are in trouble.  Slovenia plays defense first and foremost and they will look to frustrate the United States team. Donovan has called this match a must-win as the U.S. would likely be out of the tournament with a loss.

This match on Friday is really a tough one for the United States. There are high expectations for the U.S. team but there is no guarantee they are going to beat Slovenia.  In fact, Slovenia’s Andrej Komac has already gone on record saying that his team will beat the U.S. on Friday. That would be an upset but not a huge shock since Slovenia beat Russia and the Czech Republic in qualifying, proving they have the talent to compete at a high level.

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