Dancing With the Stars Down to the Semifinals

Season 11 of Dancing with the Stars betting is down to the semifinals and the surprises keep revealing.

Season 11 of Dancing with the Stars betting is down to the semifinals.  It is looking more and more like an all girls final for the first time ever. The two favorites in Dancing with the Stars odds are Jennifer Grey and Brandy Norwood.  Bristol Palin is the darkhorse while Kyle Massey is likely to be eliminated next week.

Surprising Season
It has been a season full of surprises on Dancing with the Stars. It seems every week that the fans send someone home that should have stayed.  Scoring has not meant much this season as time after time the celebrity with the lowest score does not get voted off.  One of the favorites this season was Audrina Patridge but she didn’t even make the semifinals.  She was voted off even though she had some of the highest scores all season.  Patridge was a strong choice to make the finals along with Grey.

Fans Love Bristol Palin
The biggest shock this season is that Bristol Palin is still on the show. Week after week she has the lowest score but fans save her in the voting. It happened again this past week as she made it to the semifinals while football star Kurt Warner was sent home. The same thing happened with Patridge and Rick Fox.  Palin continues to survive thanks to the fans. She probably will survive again as Massey looks to be the one that gets eliminated next week in the semifinals.  As hard as it is to believe, Palin will probably make the final although it seems extremely unlikely even with the fan vote that she could beat out either Jennifer or Brandy.

Jennifer Grey and Brandy Norwood the Favorites
The winner of Season 11 in Dancing with the Stars betting should be either Jennifer Grey or Brandy Norwood.  Either of the two could win.  Brandy has a great chemistry with her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy but the feud between Max and Carrie Ann could cause Brandy to lose some votes with the public because they don’t like Max. Jennifer has a partner in Derek Hough who knows how to win and the fans like him a lot better than Max.  In a close vote that could be the deciding factor.

Bristol Palin and Kyle Massey are Longshots
Bristol is the live longshot simply because she has the fan support.  Kyle really has no chance. Bristol also has a partner in Mark Ballas who has won before and that is a plus. Kyle really should be eliminated this week. He has a good partner in Lacey Schwimmer and she is probably the only reason he has lasted this long.