2010 Dancing With the Stars Odds Competitors

The cast was recently announced and it includes a very interesting mix of people that want to be famous in the dancing with the stars odds.

As the month of August draws to a close and we turn the page on the calendar the world has come alive again and life has meaning once again for the throngs of Dancing with the Stars Odds followers who have endured and almost endless summer of painful withdrawals while the show was on hiatus.  But once again, with the show getting underway once again in a matter of weeks, food tastes better, the air is fresher, the sun is brighter and life is good if you’re into the Dancing with the Stars betting action.

The recently unveiled list includes the following names: David Hasselhoff, Rick Fox, Kurt Warner, Audrina Partridge, Kyle Massey, Mike Sorrentino, Michael Bolton, Bristol Palin, Margaret Cho and Florence Henderson.

This is either a casting stroke of genius or a tremendous flop and we’ll soon find as the Dancing with the Stars odds competition gets underway on September 20th. 

If you haven’t heard of many of these people, don’t worry, most people haven’t. But this group of dancers represents a wide swath of society and it appears that the show’s casting people wanted to get a cast that would represent every demographic of view, and on that note they probably succeeded.  I mean, where else would you get a retired NFL QB, the daughter of Vice Presidential candidate, a Lesbian Chinese American Comedienne and the Mother of the Brady Bunch in the same room? 

Breaking down this diverse roster of Dancing with the Stars competitors will not be easy and this season could prove to be one most interesting yet in terms of wagering.  Right off the top you can throw out a few week links.  Comedienne Chow doesn’t appear to be the type of person that anybody would mistake for a ballerina and her racy comments probably won’t win her a lot of support the housewife contingency.  She’s likely to be one of the first people cut.  Same with Kyle Massey, who’s overweight and while he should carry the under 13 vote, but he’s destined for a short career as a dancer.

As for front runners, you’ve got to like the Hoff’s chances as he’s getting rave reviews for this performance in a musical on Broadway right now and athletes (i.e. Rick Fox) always do well on this show.