Various stages on Cycling Betting at SBG Global

November 30th, 2010 Cycling Betting

For the uninitiated fan, cycling betting may seem like an unappealing sport.

But for anyone that has ever placed a cycling bet on a major European road race there is simply no way to describe the overall feeling and the sporting competition that defines this type of cycling betting.

The Tour de France is the undisputed king of cycling betting and with the 2008 edition of the race coming up this race and its breathtaking stages will once again take center stage in the cycling betting world.

For those who have never tried their hand at placing a cycling bet on a major European road race it can be difficult to understand what all the excitement is about. First of all, you must keep in mind that cycling betting on road races is not like the kind of racing you might have seen on TV at the summer Olympics. Placing a cycling bet on a road is an outdoor event that is a real treat as you get to feast on the beautiful scenery while you cheer on the cycling betting competitors.

The Tour de France is a very special race and it’s defined almost as much by its spectacular vistas as it is by its cycling betting challenges. The race itself is a grueling three week event that pushes riders to the brink of exhaustion and then some. But what really make this cycling betting event so challenging is the various stages that are involved.

There are tremendous climbing sections through not only the rugged Alps but also the back breaking Pyrenees -the stages where the cycling betting is often decided.  There are also the time trials generally in the flats and near urban areas.  And of course there are the idyllic cycling betting stages that wind their way through the French countryside over through fields and vineyards so exquisite that they sometimes overshadow the cycling betting competition.

To pair sport and cycling betting with such an eye-catching backdrop is certainly the magic of the Tour de France.  There are of course other major races and other top cycling betting opportunities in the world but for most cycling betting fans it simply doesn’t get any better than this.