Tour de France Odds for Lance Armstrong at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 Cycling

The Tour de France odds in 2009 that will undoubtedly attract the most attention are the Tour de France betting odds that online sports betting sites will offer for Lance Armstrong.

Armstrong’s historic success at the Tour de France is well known to all sports betting fans who will handicap the 2009 Tour de France odds and Armstrong will certainly be an appealing wagering option for many online betting fans. Nevertheless, Armstrong’s Tour de France odds may be inflated due to his reputation, and sportsbook bettors should recognize that Armstrong is not the same athlete he was when he last won the event.

The Tour de France odds established Armstrong as the second most favored racer for 2009, with online sportsbook sites featuring him at about +450 in their earliest Tour de France betting odds. For some sports book bettors it will feel bizarre to see Armstrong not listed as a favorite in the Tour de France odds. After all, he has won the event seven times and is unquestionably the greatest cycler of his generation. In other words, many bettors assessing the Tour de France odds will feel as though not listing Armstrong as the favorite is absurd and the given Tour de France odds will provide excellent value. Armstrong has proven both on and off of his bicycle that he can overcome adversity as well as any other human being, so if history is any indication then Armstrong is not a man who should be doubted.

Nevertheless, it would still be wise not to automatically wager on Armstrong in the Tour de France betting odds without any genuine analysis. Armstrong is now 37 years old and his last victory at the Tour de France came four years ago, in 2005. Veterans of the Tour de France odds know that Armstrong’s age is not a factor that should be casually overlooked. Moreover, Armstrong is recovering from a recently broken collarbone, and may be distracted by the even more recent birth of a son. Additionally, the Tour de France betting odds may inflate Armstrong’s betting line simply because there is little question that countless bettors will wager on Armstrong’s Tour de France odds regardless of how the Tour de France odds are set. In other words, Armstrong’s return from retirement may not be as easy as some people expect, and this fact was illustrated by his recent twelfth place finish at the Giro d’Italia. Armstrong may very well shock the world with another triumph, yet bettors looking for value in the Tour de France odds should at least handicap the Tour de France odds carefully before wagering on Armstrong.

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