Tour De France Highlights Cycling Betting Odds

Tour De France Highlights Cycling Betting Odds

June 25th, 2019 Cycling, Online Wagering

A clear difference can be seen between the Tour De France and the rest of the cycling schedule.  Millions of people who otherwise have no interest in cycling will bet the Tour De France.  Extending that appeal is the fact that perpetual doping scandals and erased champions don’t seem to matter.  The appeal of the Tour De France for action on the Cycling betting odds continues to grow.  Geraint Thomas won the 2018 Tour de France.  Thomas is the odds-on favorite to repeat as champion for 2019.

Tour De France Overview

July 1, 1903 marked the first ever Tour De France.  This year’s Tour will run from July 6-28 with 21 total stages.  Commencing with that inaugural was a win by local hero Maurice Garin.  At the beginning there were five stages and most contestants dropped out.  From the start the Tour De France developed a prestigious international reputation.  What was supposed to be a onetime event became the biggest race in cycling.  With that came the fanatical desire by riders to gain an edge.

A Tradition of Cheating and Doping

Numerous Tour De France winners have later been stripped of their titles.  In fact, it was Garin himself who became the first of many contestants to be disqualified.  In 1904 he won the Tour De France for the second straight time.  He was accused of being transported by car and rail.  Garin was stripped of his win.  Correspondingly riders have looked for any advantage they could get ever since.

Live Not so Strong

To be exact Lance Armstrong became the most disgraced disqualified champion of any sport.  Initially Armstrong enthralled fans with his story of beating cancer.  Subsequently he won the Tour de France every year from 1999 to 2005.  As a result, Armstrong became a popular pick with the Cycling Betting Odds.  Armstrong became the global hero known for beating cancer and the toughest cyclists on earth.  In contrast to the many Armstrong fans were a contingent of doubters.  To them Armstrong’s supposed heroics simply didn’t add up.

Cover Up Blows Open

Armstrong milked his fame for all it was worth.  His seven-straight online wagering titles made gamblers a lot of money.  Sponsors paid Armstrong big money for his endorsement.  Decidedly more cyclists became jealous and bitter.  American Greg LeMond won the Tour in 1989 and 1990.  By reason of being clean did he call out Armstrong as a fraud.  Following that did Armstrong’s teammates begin to sing to journalists.  Armstrong was outed.  His seven titles were erased.

Continuing Scandal and Dark Clouds

Great Britain’s Chris Froome won three straight Tours from 2015 through 2017.  Additionally, he won the Tour in 2013.  Although he has not yet had a title stripped, he has been publicly accused of doping.  Froome tested positive for a banded substance in December of 2017.  It was another black eye for the sport.

Geraint Thomas Leads the Favorites

Correlate that last year’s champion is a +165 favorite with the Cycling Betting Odds.Geraint Thomas won the Tour De France for the first time in his career in 2018.  Ironically enough he was a Team Sky teammate of fellow countryman Froome.  So far, he has tested clean.  Tom Dumoulin is a +650 choice as top challenger.  Dumoulin is best known for winning the Giro d’Italia in 2017.  Hence gamblers see him as the best alternative to Thomas.  Egan Bernal and Richie Porte are also attracting action.

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