Tour de France betting is the best in July

November 30th, 2010 Cycling Betting

Tour de France betting has long suffered in the shadows of other premier international sporting events.

But there is simply no reason for this and this year a bet on Tour odds would be the best move a sports betting enthusiast could do for the entire month of July. Set in the middle of the summer sporting doldrums Tour de France betting is the perfect way to breathe life back into your sports life.

Tour de France betting gets a bad rap in the US for the simple fact that we’ve never taken cycling seriously and neither have the sports betting odds makers. But as anyone that has ever bet on Tour de France races will tell you, it is a spectacular event.  In fact, once you bet on Tour de France races once, you’ll be sure to do it again. There is no excuse not to try your hand at Tour de France betting and this year the competition is wide open.

And really, what else is going on the sports betting world that would take precedence over Tour de France betting?  July is the absolute deadest month in sports betting and that’s a crazy notion to contemplate considering what a great event the Tour de France betting is. In a year with no World Cup baseball is the only other sport on the radar right now and there is no way that it can compete with Tour de France betting at this time of the year. The playoffs are still months away and teams are simply trying to trudge through the daily grind as pennant races are still far off in the horizon.

But Tour de France betting is here now. On July fourth the 2009 Tour de France betting officially kicks off and ushers in three weeks of non-stop action.  Every day offers new scenery and new challenges to bet on Tour stages. There are endless possibilities when it comes to Tour de France betting as well. Every stage is new competition, some with mountains, some with flatland sprints, and some with both and of course who can forget the Tour de France betting time trials. And through in the spirit of global competition with teams and riders coming from all corners of the earth and you have a premier sporting event.

If you’ve never tried your hand at Tour de France betting and your bored to death with the July sports betting scene than you’ve got check it out this year. You’ll be glad you did.

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