Tour de France Betting and the Team Time Trial at SBG Global

November 30, 2010 Cycling

Tour de France betting will involve a team time trial for the first time since 2005. Even though it is just one stage, the team time trial will add an interesting component for Tour enthusiasts to consider as they bet on Tour de France.

In general, this stage will increase the Tour de France betting potential of the top teams, such as Astana.

Tour de France betting typically involves online betting on individual riders, but sports betting fans should remember that the Tour de France is actually ridden as part of a team. In other words, this type of online sports betting is unique in that one will bet on Tour de France odds by wagering on a single rider, but that rider’s potential will be influenced by the performance of his team. The importance of one’s team obviously has increased for 2009 Tour de France betting with the reintroduction of the team time trial. The team time trial will be the fourth stage of the event and will involve a 38 kilometer race around Montpelier. Tour de France betting fans should note that this reintroduced team time trial will not involve the previously used rules involving penalties based on both place and time behind the fastest team. Also, in addition to influencing the sportsbook Tour de France betting odds, the team time trial will help online sportsbook bettors gauge the quality of each team very early in the race.

There is little question among Tour de France betting fans regarding which team has the best riders. That team is Astana, and many Tour de France betting enthusiasts will likely wager on one or another Astana cyclist when they bet on Tour de France sports book odds. The two most notable members of Astana are Alberto Contador and Lance Armstrong, who happen to be the two biggest favorites in the Tour de France betting lines. Moreover, the team also boasts other very strong cyclists like Levi Leipheimer and Andreas Kloden, who are also listed high in the Tour de France betting lines. In other words, the Astana team members are virtually dominating the Tour de France betting boards. It is quite likely that the Astana team will win the team time trial and each rider will benefit from having such a strong team, so in 2009 the reintroduction of the team trial serves as extra reason to bet on Tour de France odds for Astana team members like Contador, Armstrong, Leipheimer, and Kloden.

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