Tour de France Betting and Armstrong legacy at SBG Global

In present day discussions about Tour de France betting there is still one man that dominates the discourse: Lance Armstrong.

As most people -Tour de France betting fans or not- know; Armstrong shattered the Tour de France betting record books with seven straight wins in this amazing event. But such an overwhelming record of success at one of the most demanding sporting events in the world has left some of the Tour de France betting community somewhat embittered and even accusatory.

For someone to come out on top of the Tour de France betting even once in a lifetime is rare and incredible feat. So demanding is the competition that mere mortals and Tour de France betting odds fans can hardly comprehend what it takes to win.

In fact, most humans couldn’t even finish the Tour de France betting course, let alone do it in a time anywhere approaching a mark that would be competitive in the Tour de France betting odds. Armstrong not only did this once, he did it seven times, something that no one has ever done in the history of Tour de France betting. But even more unbelievable for many Tour de France betting fans is that he won seven straight without even being challenged by his Tour de France betting odds competitors, for the most part.

In France in particular, Armstrong’s legacy is not one of Tour de France betting hero -as it is in his native US- so much as it is a possible drug cheat.  The French newspapers have for years been running accusatory stories about Armstrong using performance enhancing substances to achieve his record seven Tour de France betting crowns. However, there has never been any conclusive evidence of such allegations and the continued witch hunt only serves to sully the reputation of the Tour de France betting itself and paint the perpetrators of these Tour de France betting rumors in an unflattering light.

Armstrong is perhaps one the most amazing athletes ever to participate in a Tour de France betting event and it’s past time that he be recognized for his amazing feats instead of being drug through the mud by zealous newspapermen.