The best rider in Tour de France Betting history at SBG Global

But to try and weed out the best of the best in the crowded field of de France odds tour is a very difficult task indeed.

There are of course several riders in Tour de France betting history that stand out among the others but, amongst this elite group it’s all but impossible to say which is the best of the de France odds Tour racing heritage, as they’ve never competed head to head.

In contemporary racing, there has obviously been no rider to compare with Tour de France betting legend Lance Armstrong. With more Tour de France betting titles than any other racer in the history of de France odds Tour it’s impossible not to include him in the discussion of the greatest Tour de France betting riders ever. In face, many de France odds Tour fans would crown him the greatest of all time. However, Armstrong is not only rider to have dominated his era of Tour de France betting and other riders enjoyed similar acclaim to Armstrong, but are perhaps not as fresh in the collective memory of the de France odds Tour fans because it’s not as fresh.

Eddy Merckx one such rider that many Tour de France betting fans would place ahead of Armstrong as perhaps the greatest ever. Merckx was as dominant a rider as has ever been involved in the Tour de France betting. Armstrong may own the record for most career Tour de France betting wins, but Merckx owns almost every other record. In fact, while Armstrong may have had the greatest longevity of any great Tour de France betting champion with seven straight wins, but Merckx was also very impressive winning the race five out six years.

But Merckx didn’t just win the overall Tour de France betting title, he won nearly every stage of the races, including climbs and sprints and still holds the records for most yellow jerseys won in a Tour de France betting event. With the specialized riders in today’s de France odds Tour competition it would be impossible to dominate on this scale, but it is hugely impressive nonetheless. And, because of the different racing in both eras it’s impossible to say whether Armstrong of Merckx is the best ever, but sufficient to say, these are the two best in Tour de France betting history.