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November 30th, 2010 Cycling Betting

The world of cycling is full of great races but at the top there is no disputing that the Tour de France, the Giro d’Italia and of course the Spain Tour odds are the crème de la crème.

This year the first two races have been stellar and the Tour of Spain odds look even more promising than the first two legs of the Grand Tour.  Spain Tour odds have a long and colorful history and it’s this rich heritage that help make playing Tour of Spain odds one of the most rewarding adventures in sports betting.

Founded in 1935 the Spain Tour odds are not only one of the most exciting competitions in cycling but also one of the oldest. Created to match the great races in Francs and Italy the Spain Tour odds have been a hit since the very beginning. Although interrupted by the Spanish Civil War in the early years the Spain Tour odds quickly became one the hottest tickets in global cycling.  Anyone who is anyone in the world of cycling wants not only to be included in the Spain Tour odds but also longs to take the Tour of Spain odds.

Through the long history of the race the Spaniards have dominated the Spain Tour odds.  Winners of 27 of the 56 Spain Tour odds races held, the home country advantage is strong for these riders. On an individual level several men have won the Spain Tour odds three times. Tony Rominger of Switzerland and Roberto Heras of Spain have both been Spain Tour odds champions on three occasions, and Heras actually won a fourth Spain Tour odds title that was later stripped after a failed doping test.

Defending Tour of Spain odds champion Denis Menchov has come out on top of the Spain Tour odds twice and will be looking to add a third. The climbing heavy course lay out for the Spain Tour odds this year favor the rider and he could soon add his name to the Spain Tour odds history books.

Riders from 11 different countries have won the Spain Tour odds making it truly one of the most international races in all of cycling.

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