Cycling Betting – Giro de Italia at SBG Global

Cycling betting on the Giro d'Italia (Tour of Italy) is underway with a number of contenders on the sportsbook odds board.

The race for gamblers who bet on cycling is held in May and early June in Italy. Let’s look at the Giro de Italia.

Cycling betting on the Giro de Italia is part of the UCI cycling events with the defending champion being Alberto Contador. The race dates back all the way to 1909 when it was held in Milan as Luigi Ganna was the first ever cycling betting winner. Cycling betting information tells us that the Giro de Italia is part of the Triple Crown of Cycling along with the Tour de France and the Vuelta a Espana.

While Contador was the cycling betting winner of this event last year it was Danilo Di Luca who won in 2007. Ivan Basso was the cycling betting winner in 2006 while Paolo Savoldelli won in 2005. He also won in 2002 for gamblers that bet on cycling while Damiano Cunego won in 2002 and Gilberto Simoni won in 2001 and in 2003 in cycling betting.

This year, the major contenders in cycling betting to win the race are Italy's Ivan Basso, Levi Leipheimer of the U.S. and Italy's Damiano Cunego. Two of those three are former cycling betting winners of this event. Unlike some other events, going downhill is very important with the Giro. The grades are steep and very dangerous to descend. The Tour de France has more climbs and gradual descents while the Giro is wild. There are also fewer climbs this year in the Giro so going downhill is very important. Last year’s cycling betting winner Alberto Contador is not part of the field for online sportsbook gamblers who bet on cycling to consider this year so there are a number of riders who have a shot to win including Leipheimer who was second in cycling betting in this event last year. Leipheimer could be an interesting choice this year since he is getting coaching from Lance Armstrong.

The only American to ever win for gamblers who bet on cycling in this event is Andy Hampsten. He was very good at avoiding crashes when he went downhill in 1988 to get the cycling betting win.

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