De France Odds Tour History at SBG Global

For even the most casual of sports fans, almost everyone on the face of the earth has heard of the de France odds Tour and Tour de France odds.

It is not only the most prestigious event in all of cycling but the de France odds tour is also one of the most well-known events in the world sport, period. But while most de France odds tour fans are familiar with the race and its current riders, not many Tour de France odds are familiar with the rich history of this event.

In 1903 the inaugural de France odds tour event was held.  At this time the bicycle was still a relatively new creation and competitions held on bicycle such as that presented by the Tour de France odds were quite unique. But at this time the French had a reputation for the racing spirit, as they would also pioneer automobile racing in the coming years, and the country’s sporting community was agog with anticipation for the de France odds tour.

At this time the country of France was torn over the events of the Dreyfus Affair and any type of diversion such as the de France odds tour was warmly welcomed. And so when the de France odds tour was announced the sporting world of France went nuts for Tour de France odds. The race was proposed and sponsored by the Parisian paper Le Velo and the de France odds Tour proved to be a wise decision as it created a huge demand for Tour de France odds and proved to be a boon for circulation.

The first de France odds tour was announced in January of 1903. However, the original de France odds tour was meant to be a five-week race from the end of May until the first week of July. While this might have been a fine idea for most Tour de France odds fans, it was too much for would be entrants of the de France odds tour and the race was shortened to three weeks instead. This was more attractive for entrants as was the daily allowance offered by the de France odds tour sponsors and 60 racers took part in the first running of the de France odds tour.