Facts about the De France Odds Tour at SBG Global

Cycling fans are counting down the days until the start of the great de France odds tour which will get underway in just several weeks.

On the July 7th this year the great Tour de France odds race will get underway and this locomotive will keep going until the end of July when the de France odds tour competition draws to a close in Paris. The de France odds tour is one of the most remarkable and unforgettable events in all of sport and to bet on Tour de France odds is something no cycling fan will ever forget.

The race itself is steeped in tradition and this aspect of the de France odds tour is almost as compelling as the competition and the Tour de France odds themselves. Create in 1903 the de France odds tour has been going strong for over a century and in testament to how truly popular the event is, even at this ripe old age Tour de France odds are still gaining new fans by the truckload.

The race itself is unique in that the de France odds tour is the longest and most grueling of all the major stage races in Europe. It is the originator of the species and Tour de France odds fans are rarely disappointed in the quality of the competition. The race kicks off in various starting points that change every time the de France odds tour is run. This year Tour de France odds fans will see the competition kick off in Brest, as opposed to last year’s de France odds tour starting locale of London.

The de France odds tour is the stuff of legend and anything can happen over the events 3500 km. For the non-European de France odds tour fans, that translates to over 2200 miles -a tremendous distance even by car!  But true de France odds tour fans are well aware of the distance involved and it is surely one of the elements that make the Tour de France odds so exciting.

The de France odds tour is run over a period of 23-days, just two days for rest, and, and is composed of 21 stages. The de France odds stages range from tortuous climbs up mountainsides, to flat rides through farmland to time trials in the outskirts of urban areas. But no matter what the de France odds tour stage may be like in terms of terrain, there is question that it will be filled with excitement and drama.