Cycling Odds Season Gearing up for Main Events at SBG Global

With the main cycling season during the summer months there haven’t been many opportunities for setting cycling betting odds.

Cycling odds makers have been dormant for quite some time. But as the European winter thaws into spring the main cycling odds are just around the corner and the season in 2009 promises to be great one.

Cycling odds fans have very little to get excited about during the winter months as the only action is a few races in Australia and New Zealand. But when the winter months in the northern part of the globe start to thaw out the cycling odds makers come out of hibernation and the cycling betting odds season gets in to full swing.

After the top events in Australia like the Tour Down Under are run, California hosts a major event that features the top American riders and a very good international field as well. And when the Tour de California finishes, it’s full speed ahead to the old continents and its many cycling odds competitions.

The Mediterranean region of Europe plays host to the early cycling odds season single-stage competitions. Cycling betting events like the Paris-Nice, Milan-San Remo and Giro d’Lombardia are all excellent cycling odds events that give a wonderful and distinct taste to the spring competition.

In summer, as the weather warms and cycling odds competition kicks into high-gear, there are countless opportunities to take on the cycling betting odds. And of course the competition is at its best as the summer season peaks with the running of the Grand Tours as the summer winds down. The Tour de France, Giro d’Italia and the Vuelta de Espana represent the Holy Trinity of the cycling odds world and are held between July and September. This is the high season of the competition and all the top cyclers in the world build their entire cycling betting odds schedule around these three months.

But once these great events are finished there is still some very interesting racing going on in the US and there some top single stage cycling odds competitions held late in the year in Europe as well. As the 2009 cycling odds season gears up for the main stretch of the sporting season there are all kinds of reasons to be excited about the year ahead. With the return of former champ Lance Armstrong to fold and many young stars looking to break out, this season of cycling odds looks to be best we’ve seen in awhile.

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