Cycling Betting Welcomes Back Lance Armstrong

Cycling betting has been raked over the coals more than any other major sport over the past few years.

Sure, other sports have had their own drug scandals but nothing compared to the magnitude with which bet on cycling has suffered. But cycling betting suffered a double-whammy as superstar Lance Armstrong also retired for several years before returning in January.

Cycling betting fans have to be excited about this development no matter if you love Armstrong or hate Armstrong. As polarizing as any superstar athlete in any sport Armstrong is the face of cycling betting and without him the sport and the bet on cycling competition has suffered. The seven-time Tour de France winner has a love hate relationship with the great cycling betting world. In his home country he is revered as the greatest star ever produced in the US. In fact, he single-handedly put cycling betting on the map in the US.

However, in Europe, where bet on cycling is a much bigger cultural phenomenon than in the US he is viewed with suspicion by many of cycling betting's biggest fans. French bet on cycling fans seem to hold a special breed of vitriol for Armstrong. Major French dailies continue to report on his alleged doping activities in the Tour de France although no evidence has yet come to life to support these cycling betting claims.

But after seeing nearly every single bet on cycling superstar indicted on doping claims over the past three years it's hard to think that Armstrong wasn't somehow caught up in this prevalent cycling betting culture. But urine test after urine test has confirmed Armstrong's innocence. With sport still reeling from so many suspensions and lifetime bans handed down by cycling authorities the world of cycling betting is in desperate search of hero, or at the very least a star presence or top draw athlete. Armstrong can be that man.

And this year his presence back on the cycling betting scene is the best thing that could have happened to the sport. Diehard supporters will looking for Armstrong to dominate cycling betting once again. And the haters will hoping for him fall on his face or fail one of the many drug tests he'll be forced to take.

Either way a great buzz will created and cycling betting will benefit.

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