Can Armstrong and Contador Co-exist in Tour de France Betting?

Tour de France betting fans are familiar with all the storylines surrounding this year’s biggest online sports betting cycling event.

2009 is truly an exciting year to bet on Tour action as there are so many different angles involved in this years Tour de France betting.  Everyone knows about Lance Armstrong’s return to the Tour de France betting this year but there are a lot more storylines than just his return to the bet on Tour action.

Tour de France aficionados have seen Armstrong pull off various miracles in this event on his way to capturing unprecedented seven-straight titles. But in 2009 his biggest feat might not be winning the Tour de France betting but simply sticking to his roll on Team Astana. For fans unfamiliar with the bet on Tour mechanics, Armstrong will be entering the Tour de France betting this year as a support player not the main man.  This is obviously a very foreign roll to the all time champion of the Tour de France betting and it could take some getting used to for the 37-year old.

The man Armstrong will be riding for is none other than 2007 Tour de France betting champ, Spaniard Alejandro Contador.  Contador would likely have won the event in 2008 as well had he not been disqualified due to doping allegations. He, like Armstrong will have something to prove in this year’s Tour de France betting competition and it’s likely to bring out the best in both riders. The only question is whether or not Armstrong will be able to hang back in a support roll rather than set off on his own in search of an eighth Tour de France betting title.

It’s very hard to handicap the ’09 Tour de France betting in this context. Obviously Armstrong did not come out of retirement to finish second in the Tour de France betting.  But he is also a sportsmen and has much respect for Tour de France betting tradition. He’s unlikely to do anything that might tarnish his legacy.

Then again he may not even be in a position to contend for the title.  No one in modern times has even come close to winning the Tour de France betting at his age, especially not after a three and half year layoff. This story could fizzle before if even begins due to the demands of the bet on Tour competition.

But then again, it could also produce one of the most interesting Tour de France betting finishes we’ve ever seen if the two teammates are 1-2 before the final stage to Paris.