Can anyone replace Armstrong in Tour de France Betting at SBG Global?

At a time when Tour de France betting desperately needs a hero there doesn’t appear to be anyone ready to take over the lofty mantel given up by Tour de France odds champion Lance Armstrong.

Armstrong was a once in a lifetime competitor and the Tour de France betting is certainly much poorer after his retirement. And while there are many young stars looking to achieve Tour de France odds greatness, there is presently none that appears poised to reach for the Tour de France betting greatness that Armstrong achieved.

But not all of the Tour de France betting fans feel that Armstrong was such a commendable figure. There are in fact many fans of Tour de France odds that find Armstrong quite the anti-hero figure. Many in France still believe that he used performance enhancing drugs in order to capture his record 7 Tour de France betting titles despite the fact that he’s taken hundreds, if not thousands, of doping tests and never failed any at the Tour de France betting event or otherwise.

Some doubters will likely never accept the fact that Armstrong didn’t use chemicals to win the Tour de France betting event. They may even point out that he did in fact take steroids earlier in his career, but what they will fail to explain is that this had nothing to do with preparing for a Tour de France betting event, but were taken on doctor’s orders to help keep him alive after being treated with chemotherapy to destroy potentially fatal cancer.

In an era of Tour de France betting which have seen was almost completely saturated with doping, it in some ways makes Armstrong’s Tour de France odds wins even more impressive considering that most of the athletes he was competing against in the Tour de France odds were chemically enhanced.

Another knock that many critics pin to Armstrong is the fact that he trained only for the Tour de France betting and didn’t have to ride a full grueling season of cycling like his competitors. This complaint has some merit as he may have been fresher in the Tour de France betting events than some of his competitors, but this would hardly be enough to give him an edge.

Armstrong was such a great champion because hard work and determination were the hallmark of his victories. And in an age when Tour de France betting is seeking a new hero, those are simple, but good lessons for young riders to heed.