The ‘Big Three’ stage races in Cycling Odds at SBG Global

When it comes to cycling odds there are three races that stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Cycling betting odds can readily name them and in the world of stage racing cycling odds no other races come close. The trifecta of the Tour de France, the Giro d’Italia and the Vuelta a Espana represent the best bit of racing that exists in the world of cycling odds.

Cycling odds don’t have Majors, or Grand Slam events like Tennis or Golf, but these three events can be considered one and the same, although not officially labeled as such in the cycling betting odds. These are the three races that every professional rider wants to win that race that every cycling odds fan pays attention to.

And it goes without saying that these are also the most popular events in terms of cycling betting odds. And with good reason too, as the impossibly difficult courses laid out in these three cycling odds races quickly separate the men from the boys and to win this race you must be the best of best among the cycling betting odds riders. There is no faking it.

The French Open is known for its grueling endurance as generally the more difficult to the Big Three cycling odds races. In fact, the Tour de France was the original cycling odds event that inspired cycling odds fans to create an Italian and Spanish versions. It is generally a much longer race and therefore more demanding and this makes for fantastic cycling odds betting as the lead can change many times over the 21 stages of the race.

The races are always run in the same order over the summer cycling odds betting season.  The Giro d’Italia always kicks things off in the beginning of May. All three events run roughly three weeks and for real cycling odds fans that means nine weeks of cycling odds ecstasy. Next, comes the Tour de France which is held in the final three weeks of July. And in September the cycling odds world prepares for the swan song of the season with the Vuelta a Espana. The Spanish race is a grueling cycling odds event and features one of the steepest climbs in Europe which winds through the Asturias region and has a gradient as steep as 23 degrees.