Betting de France Tour doping scandals at SBG Global

The betting de France tour is, and has been, held in the highest esteem by sports fans since its inception over a century ago.

Tour de France betting is one of the last bastions of sport anywhere in the world where the honor code and gentlemanly conduct still dictate the event.  But after years of whispers, and accusations the inevitable finally occurred and the myth of gentlemanly conduct and play fair was shattered when doping when major doping scandals were recently unveiled in the betting de France tour competition.

In 2006, the first year after the American betting de France tour racing legend Lance Armstrong retired; it was another American that made headlines at the Tour de France betting competition -unfortunately for all the wrong reasons. Floyd Landis was a converted mountain biker from the states that had shown incredible toughness in the past and after switching to road racing looked destined for success at the betting de France tour. After cycling in Armstrong’s shadow for several years at the betting de France tour and many other road racing events Landis was certain that 200 would be his year in the Tour de France betting.

And it was, if only for a betting de France tour instant. After getting off to a slow start Landis could feel his chances of winning the betting de France tour slipping away. He battled back after some bad luck to retake the betting de France tour lead in the latter climbing stages. But to the amazement of many Tour de France betting fans he relinquished the lead only to retake on the next stage in a solo charge that has been called one of the greatest racing moments in betting de France tour history.

But it was all for naught as subsequent betting de France tour drug tests would reveal. Landis was stripped of his title and all of a sudden his spectacular betting de France tour finish wasn’t quite so spectacular. Worst of all Landis’ doping scandal was just the tip of the iceberg in which legendary betting de France tour riders Ivan Basso and Jan Ulrich would also be dismissed from competitive cycling. In the aftermath of these fiascos the betting de France tour continues to struggle to rid itself of doping allegations.