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November 30th, 2010 Cricket Betting Odds

Online cricket betting may seem a bit stuffy to some observers, but to anyone that has ever bet live cricket odds there is nothing stuffy at all.

In fact, online cricket betting offers a wide variety of live cricket odds opportunities that there are few sports if any that can keep pace. With all the various types of matches available for online cricket betting the sport is in a class of its own. Online cricket betting fans can easily tell you the difference between the various forms of live cricket odds that are available, but for the uninitiated it can be a bit confusing.

When it comes to online cricket betting the matches are sorted into several categories like Test Cricket, 1-Day Cricket, 20 Cricket and First Class cricket. To someone with no knowledge of online cricket betting this might sound complex, but it’s really quite simple. The first type of cricket, test cricket, is a favorite of online cricket betting fans and there is good reason for this. Test cricket combines the spirit of online cricket betting with the excitement of international competition.

The origins of test cricket date back to 1876 when the English national team traveled to Australia to take on that country’s best. The Aussies stomped the English in the first ever Test cricket match and the tradition has continued and is stronger than ever now thanks to onlinecricketbetting. There are now ten countries that engage in test cricket matches with online cricket betting events lasting from two to five days.

Another type of online cricket betting involves 1-day cricket matches which are basically self-explanatory, but generally refer to domestic league competition. Created in the UK in the sixties these games are shorter than international matches and faster paced and participants were allowed to wear colored uniforms. The 20 cricket is spin-off of this and has been a huge success in terms of live cricket odds. The smaller pitches and batter friendly format of this type of online cricket betting competition is much shorter and wildly popular among the live cricket odds crowd.

First class cricket similar to the test cricket and both of these forms of online cricket betting refers to a high level of cricket played over several days and which stringently adheres to tradition.

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