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November 30th, 2010 Cricket Betting Odds

Online cricket betting is growing quickly among the sports betting world. More and more people are being exposed to this sport every day.

This is happening thanks mainly to the spread of betting cricket web sites and the broadcasting of online cricket betting matches via satellite and international cable. But one major misconception that online cricket betting fans are constantly fighting is the notion that betting cricket is just like betting baseball -it is not!

Online cricket betting is at first glance perhaps somewhat similar to baseball but once a spectator dives beneath the surface appearance it becomes very obvious that online cricket betting and baseball betting are not all that much alike. The sense that these two sports are alike likely derives from the fact that in both sports there is a batsman/batter with a bat to hit a small round ball. Also, both baseball and online cricket betting are played on beautiful luscious green grassy pitches. But again, that is more or less the extent of the similarities between betting cricket and betting baseball.

One of the biggest differences between online cricket betting and baseball betting is the weight of the bat. The first hat a player notices when trying baseball or online cricket betting is he fact that the cricket bat is a massive piece of lumber. Whereas a baseball bat is prized for its lightness, generally around 35 to 40 ounces, an online cricket betting bat weighs a great deal more. In fact, a very common error among baseball players when trying their hand at playing online cricket betting is that they want to ‘swing’ the cricket bat the same as one might swing a baseball bat. This is incorrect, and could cause potential injuries, as the online cricket betting bat is more for protecting the wicket rather attacking the bowler’s pitch.

Also, another very obvious difference between the online cricket betting and the baseball betting is the pitch. In baseball, the field is shaped roughly like a diamond with each stadium varying slighting along the outfield wall. This is not the case in online cricket betting in which the pitch is perfectly circular with space both in front and behind the batter. There are also two bases and no backstop in online cricket batting versus four bases and the ubiquitous backstop preventing play behind home plate in baseball betting.

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