Canadian Football League Playoffs Betting

CFL betting really starts to get exciting once the playoffs begin. The CFL playoffs are the best time of the year for gamblers that get involved in CFL betting.

SBG Global has excellent CFL lines during the playoffs, so take a look at the matchups today. CFL betting during the CFL playoffs can give gamblers good opportunities to make money.  The CFL playoffs begin with two semifinal games, one in each division.  The top two teams in each division get a bye.

In the Eastern Division this year, either Toronto or Winnipeg will finish first with the other team playing Montreal in the Eastern Division semifinal.  In the Western Division this season B.C. will have the first round bye while the other game will have Saskatchewan hosting Calgary.  The winners of each semifinal then play the division champion in the Division Final and then the two winners meet in the Grey Cup.

For CFL betting fans there is a big difference between the two divisions.  B.C. was virtually unstoppable in the regular season in the Western Division while Calgary was not far behind.  Both of those teams have much better records than anyone in the Eastern Division and they are the two favorites in CFL betting.  Either B.C. or Calgary will be eliminated though since they both play in the same division.  Anyone could come out of the East since all three teams making the playoffs were separated by just a few points.

As you look at CFL betting you want to keep a close eye on the weather.  The CFL playoffs are played during the month of November and the weather in Canada can start to get cold and snowy.  That could make an impact as you look at CFL betting lines.  You also want to consider the wind in your CFL betting since it is very difficult to throw in windy conditions.  The weather is just something to think about before you make your CFL betting wagers.

The Canadian Football Playoffs are a great time for fans of CFL betting.  The action is intense and it is not long before the teams are playing for the Grey Cup.  The playoffs are short and exciting and that makes for great CFL betting. Take a look at the CFL betting lines during the playoffs at SBG Global and look to make money.

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