Betting on Breeders Cup Little Known Facts

November 30th, 2010 Breeders Cup Betting

Betting on Breeders Cup history is not nearly as rich in tradition as some of the other major horse races which have been around for over a century.

In the few decades that the fans have been placing a bet on Breeders Cup races, there have been plenty of great moments that have made up for its short history. During that time there have also been strange occurrences and little known facts that serve to enhance the betting on Breeders Cup action.

Betting on Breeders Cup races is one of the all-time great experiences for any horseracing enthusiast. Many people assume that because it’s such a marvelous event that it’s been around for ages just as the Kentucky Derby or Belmont stakes, but the chance to bet on Breeders Cup action has been available to fans for just over twenty years. The first opportunity for betting on Breeders Cup came in 1984 when the first race was run at the event’s inauguration. The first run of the betting on Breeders Cup action was held at the historic Hollywood Park Racetrack in Inglewood, CA. It has hosted the bet on Breeders Cup event three times since.

The Breeders Cup was originally a one-day event, as anyone involved in betting on Breeders Cup activities likely knows. It wasn’t until 2007 that it became a two-day event. It has been a terrific development in the minds of most fans that bet on Breeders Cup races. By expanding the format, the event has become much more fan-friendly, as well as offering more opportunities for fans to enjoy the betting on Breeders Cup races.

When it comes to host tracks for the betting on Breeders Cup racing, Churchill Downs could be considered the genuine home of the betting on Breeders Cup events. The track has hosted the event a record six times and is slated to host it a seventh time in 2010. The all-time top winning jockey in the Breeders Cup is Jerry D. Bailey with a handsome total of 18 career wins in the betting on Breeders Cup races.

Also, long-billed as the richest day in sport, the betting on Breeders Cup action actually is now the third richest day in sport since it expanded to its current two-day format (it trails the Dubai World Cup and the World Series of Poker) with a total purse of $25.5 million.

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