Betting on Breeders Cup on the Best Two Days in Sports

November 30, 2010 Breeders Cup Wagering

Betting on Breeders Cup action is unlike any other type of horse racing event that exists on the planet earth.

There may be bigger events single races on the planet, at least in terms of main stream media attention, but there is simply nothing like placing a bet on Breeders Cup action. There is simply so many races and top talent to choose from that once you try betting on Breeders Cup action any other horse racing action will seem mundane.

Betting on Breeders Cup has been the premier event since its debut about a quarter century ago. However, casual fans of the sport may never have heard all that much about this great event. And so just exactly what is it that makes placing a bet on Breeders Cup action that is so special?

Well, there are lots of things that combine to make the betting on Breeders Cup the top draw in horse racing. First of all, the quality of the horses that are involved in the betting on Breeders Cup races is simply unparalleled anywhere in the sport. Triple Crown races feature top horses in the main event and the final under card event, and Dubai has a terrific event with an enormous purse, but when it comes to the betting on Breeders Cup every race is chock full of the best horses that walk the earth.

And did I mention that if you’re looking to make a bet on Breeders Cup action you won’t lack for choice. With 14 races the betting on Breeders Cup event is also the most diverse in the world. Spread across two days of fantastic competition you start betting on Breeders Cup races before noon on Friday and carry on all the way into Saturday evening. And another unique twist to the betting on Breeders Cup event is the fact that the Friday and Saturday competitions are segregated by gender so that the female horses have their own day of racing and the male horses as well. Although technically the Saturday betting on Breeders Cup races are open to any horse and you shouldn’t be surprised to see a Philly running in the main turf event on Saturday.

If you love horse racing and you’ve never partaken of the betting on Breeders Cup fruit you truly don’t know what you’re missing. In order to remedy the situation make sure the calendar is free from October 24 to October 25 and do yourself a favor; tune into the betting on Breeders Cup racing.

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