Betting Breeders Cup Top Event: The Classic

November 30th, 2010 Breeders Cup Betting

Betting Breeders Cup means one thing to many horse raising enthusiasts, and that is the Breeders Cup Classis.

This race is quite possibly the biggest horse race anywhere on the planet and is the most popular of all the events those that bet Breeders Cup watch. While not as famous as some other high-profile races, anyone who knows about horses knows that betting Breeders Cup is as good as it gets in this sport.

Betting Breeders Cup can be a bit overwhelming at first in terms of the great variety that is offered when you bet Breeders Cup. If it is too much, the best thing to do when betting Breeders Cup racing is narrow your focus on one race. And that race must simply be the betting Breeders Cup crown jewel: the Breeders Cup Classic. This is the race every trainer, every owner, and every jockey marks on the calendar, and if horses could do such things, they would as well.

So exactly why is the Classic the best bet Breeders Cup out there? There are many reasons. To begin, the purse is ridiculously wealthy, as are all betting Breeders Cup races. In 2008 the purse for the Classic is $5 million which is more than enough to lure the top horses from around to this event to bet Breeders Cup.

But it’s about more than just money and anyone that enjoys betting Breeders Cup races knows this. The real draw for most of the top horses, trainers, and owners is a rare chance to race and win against the best. It’s the same impulse that drives athletes and sportsmen in any sport and betting Breeders Cup fans are privileged to be able to come along for the ride.

If you get a chance to enjoy betting Breeders Cup events you’ll get to witness one of the rare times in racing when the top horses from around the world converge to race head to head. Because the betting Breeders Cup event falls so late in the year, the European season is all but over. That means the top horses on the old continent are free to travel to the US and take on the best horses there. The Asian-based horses also feature prominently into the equation and most are already racing in the US months prior to the betting Breeders Cup event.

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