Tips to Making a Boxing Bet

November 30th, 2010 Boxing Betting

Boxing bet odds are available at sportsbooks throughout the year. There are actually boxing gambling odds available on fights that are not as well publicized as the marquee title fights.

Boxing bet odds for most people involve picking one fighter against another.  As you look to make a boxing bet there are some things to consider.  There is a lot of information available on boxing gambling but it is not quite as easily obtained as other sports betting information.

You can’t just go to ESPN and expect to get detailed information on non-title fights.  You can, however, still find out information for your boxing bet if you do the research.  You can study the individual boxers, their styles, histories, etc.

You should know that making a boxing bet is easy to do.  It is a money line wager where you take one fighter against another.  Most of the time one boxer will be heavily favored against another.  That doesn’t mean this boxer will always win in boxing gambling.  That also doesn’t mean you can blindly bet all underdogs in boxing gambling either.  You must pick and choose your spots just as you would in other sports.  You may want to be very careful betting heavy favorites as you place a boxing bet because anything can happen.  It is similar to baseball betting in that you can’t just bet big favorites all the time and win when making a boxing bet.  You also must realize in boxing that the odds will sometimes be skewed on the favorite where you might see a boxer at -500 and the underdog at +400.  That is a very unfavorable line in comparison to some other sports so you must keep that in mind as you look at the boxing odds.

Making a boxing bet can be exciting and it can be profitable.  You must do the research and the handicapping though.  Just because boxing is not as popular as other sports it does not mean you can’t make money when placing a boxing bet.  Take a look at the information on the fight and study the styles and the various data for the fighters.  Then look at the odds and place your boxing bet accordingly.

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